Telepin Software is a leading provider of mobile transaction infrastructure software, providing mobile operators the most efficient and cost-effective way to control their distribution network, maximize revenues from mobile financial services, and deliver innovative mobile financial applications. Telepin’s Cayman Transaction Platform enables a full suite of electronic, transaction-based applications for mobile subscribers to recharge their mobile airtime without the use of physical cards or vouchers, facilitate P2P money transfers, allow for electronic bill payments, and more, using multiple channel interfaces.

Telepin’s customer base includes successful deployments with tier-one operators in the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, with over 132 million subscribers and over a million merchants.


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Our Vision

Telepin has and continues to establish successful relationships and strategic partnerships with our customers. From the onset of each customer engagement, Telepin believes in working with our clients and encourages an open dialogue for new requirements, product amendments, commercial adjustments, and the overall project. Our strong year-over-year customer growth and lasting relationships are a testament to Telepin’s strong commitment to provide innovative and flexible solutions on-time and cost effectively.

Executive Team

Vince KadarTelepin’s experienced executive team is committed to changing the approach of transactional service software. The team is led by President, Vincent Kadar.

Vincent has more than 20 years of executive experience in software technology companies for wireless and telecom networks operators. Prior to becoming President of Telepin Software Vincent was founder and CTO at Airwide Solutions, a leading provider of mobile messaging infrastructure. Prior to Airwide Solutions Mr. Kadar served as Director of Wireless Technology at InfoSpace Inc, and served in senior technology positions at CrossKeys Systems and Accenture. Check out Vince’s take on mobile money at the Mobile Money Transactions Blog.


Telepin is committed to developing its growing network of partners around the world to jointly pursue business opportunities to enable mobile subscribers If you are a systems integrator, reseller or software development company, and your customer base is mobile network operators, then Telepin is the right partner for you. With a focused collection of best-in-class products, top-tier global customers, and a solid track record for service Telepin is in business to create win-win opportunities with its partners.

If you are a company with world-leading technology in the mobile space and would be interested in integrating your product or technology into Telepin’s product line, then please contact us at:

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