Telepin mobile financial services (MFS) products provide you with the extension you require to provide a robust financial services offering to your subscriber and merchant customers. Our products plug into your existing infrastructure leveraging the investment you’ve made in charging systems and value added service delivery platforms.

We understand transactions better than any general value added services infrastructure vendor and apply this knowledge to deliver you best in class services with which to launch your mobile financial services.

Our Mobile Financial Services Address:

  • Your need to differentiate and extend your communications network to cooperate with financial community
  • Your subscribers need for convenience and want to leverage the devices for additional capabilities
  • Your merchants desire to incorporate mobile commerce as a payment mechanism
  • Your concerns for security, privacy, and reliability

Mobile Wallet

Telepin’s mWallet holds the greatest growth potential for operators to create stickiness for their subscriber base incorporating promotions and loyalties programs as well as remittance and payment services. mWallet is fully customizable by you and the consumer defining what is stored, shared access privileges, and how the values are to be used and for what services. Implement mWallet as a complete stored value account complete with content privileges or simplified loyalty storage mechanism.

Key Benefits:

  • Creates the greatest form of stickiness between you and the subscriber
  • Incorporated with the Telepin Promotion & Loyalty module provides the subscriber with a mechanism to store and redeem affinity credits
  • Simplified setup, usability, and redemption
  • Completely flexible configuration
  • Provide a bank for the “unbanked”

Mobile Payments

There are more mobile phones then there are people with bank accounts. With Mobile Payments, operators can provide transaction services to unbanked subscribers. Mobile Payments allows your subscribers to pay bills, purchase goods, and or transfer money. With all our payment products you get the same commitment of reliability and end user usability.

Key Benefits:

  • Generate new revenues by being involved in all transactions
  • Retailers and merchants are able to reduce credit card fraud by using Mobile Payments
  • Subscribers can use the very same mechanism that they currently use for eTopUp as they do for Mobile Payments
  • Incorporate with mWallet to create a powerful sticky solution or link directly up to your financial institution

Mobile Commerce

Provide your subscribers with the ability to pay for, order, obtain merchandise and validate tickets from any location and at any time using their mobile phones or other mobile devices. Telepin’s mobile commerce solution, extends the financial network deep into the mobile network, enabling capabilities only thought to exist in the most developed and advanced markets.

Mobile commerce incorporates elements of eTicketing and Mobile Payments whereby reducing the production and distribution costs connected with traditional paper-based ticketing channels and increases your subscriber convenience by providing new and simple ways to transact.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase your revenue by providing accessibility to ticketing services
  • Reduce your ticketing business partners’ infrastructure costs by utilizing the investment you have currently made in your Telepin Transaction Platform
  • Incorporate available technologies now to build the mobile commerce platform of today not waiting for tomorrow’s technologies

Money Transfer

According to the World Bank, recorded remittances sent home by migrants from developing countries exceeds $300 billion annually. Remittance, a form of mobile payments & person-to-person transfer, provides a mechanism to exchange transactions between mobile subscribers. Whether the mobile subscriber is remitting a taxi fare to their child across the city (domestic) or a migrant worker is remitting their monthly wages to their friends and family abroad (international) via their mobile, the platform delivering the end to end solution must ensure the completion of the transaction with no margin of error.

Key Benefits:

  • Generate new revenues by being involved in all transactions
  • Minimize security concerns, AML, from a platform that provides complete traceability of the end-to-end transaction
  • Understand the complete usage through key KYC interfaces and processes that provide the required visibility needed by all parties

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