Loyalty and Promotions are two such services that allow operators to differentiate themselves through the creation of rewards and campaigns targeted at end subscribers and merchants.


Telepin’s promotions module incorporates all the elements to persuade mobile subscribers and merchants to use transactional services. Promotions allow you to provide magic promotions with your mobile recharge services. You configure the promotional campaign, contest, and define the set of criteria, based on your set of target demographics. Telepin’s promotions are completely automated. We have successfully utilized promotions in a majority of our customers’ annual activity to drive user behavior in the direction required to ensure a successful service offering and stickiness for you.

Key Benefits:

  • High adaptable with the ability for distributors to run their own promotions within their own distribution network
  • Design and implement promotion plans to award subscribers who are performing successful sales transactions
  • Tied to activity of the subscribers or merchant


Loyalty programs offer your customers multiple ways to accumulate affinity points. Reward your best and most-valued subscribers with exclusive offers to new services or better rates for the business they have provided to you. With Telepin’s Loyalty Management module, managing promotions thru the distribution network, and thru to your subscribers using transactions services is simplified. The more flexible you need to be to the dynamic business environment puts more emphasis on the capabilities of a loyalty platform that can adapt to your changing business needs.

With the continued need for operators to streamline their operations and business management functions and to better forecast and predict, understanding the transaction data flowing through your network becomes even more important.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete control comes with ability to assign and address differing loyalty programs and schemes to wholesaler groups, distributors, or agents using flexible access control mechanisms
  • Incorporate usage based mechanisms with promotions, tenure, and loyalty programs
  • Reduce churn and increase service awareness and usage of your transactional service

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