Telepin recharge services provide you with a flexible platform for your subscribers and merchants to recharge their account. Our products plug into your existing infrastructure leveraging the investment you’ve made in charging systems and value added service delivery platforms.

We understand transactions better than any general value added services infrastructure vendor and apply this knowledge to deliver you best in class services with which to launch your mobile payment services.

Our Recharge Services Address:

  • Your subscriber's need to top-up whenever, wherever, and however they wish
  • Your distribution network needs to operate and manage the merchant business
  • The extensible capability to incorporate mobile marketing, and loyalty into the end user service

Mobile Recharge

eTopUp is our premier payment product providing unlimited opportunities for your subscribers to recharge credit to their mobile account. eTopUp can be combined with traditional voucher distribution and management systems or implemented with our Agent Distribution Management system for a complete electronic recharging platform, or deployed independently for subscribers for self-service recharging.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases ARPU by creating unlimited opportunities to recharge
  • Increases AMPU by reducing operational costs of physical vouchers, thereby minimizing theft and therefore fraud
  • Modular combination with other Telepin products
  • Flexible denominations using pin-less activation

eTopUp has been deployed in a variety of ways including: in-network through an ownership model, hosted via our Telepin Online service offering, service providers that distribute and resell airtime on behalf of the mobile operator, and with operator groups as a roaming recharge solution for roaming prepaid subscribers.

Voucher Management

The eVoucher product provides an integrated capability to create and manage electronic vouchers to be used against any service. eVouchers gives the operator completed control over the voucher lifecycle right through to the virtual inventory and Distribution Management system. eVoucher is the most flexible mechanism to keep your subscribers active on the network generating revenue using any denomination and integrating in with several systems, such as Point-Of-Sale, Kiosk, ATM, IVR, and through your calling card platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Incorporating brand and product marketing with voucher distribution based on several dynamic parameters
  • Fastest prepaid processing systems on the market
  • Multilingual support managed from a centralized environment
  • Support for several POS systems for a complete end-to-end system

Airtime Transfer

Allowing your subscribers to transfer airtime between each other has a net effect to increase your overall revenue and ability to increase your margins. With the Telepin Airtime Transfer product provides your subscribers yet another way to request a recharge or be recharged from friends, family, or their corporate enterprise account.

Airtime Transfer is configured for your subscriber, defined by you, controlled by you, ensuring you are provided with the maximum return with minimal abuse.

Key Benefits:

  • Differentiation for prepaid and postpaid subscribers to share airtime
  • Corporate control through the distribution of airtime from a master postpaid account for Enterprise customers
  • “Send-me and I call you” provides subscribers with perceived and tangible savings from differentiated calling plans and incrementally adds on the popular “Call-me” service

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