The Telepin Transaction Platform with its rich, feature-set modules, reduces distribution costs, manages complexity and greatly enhances your knowledge and visibility of your distribution network. Telepin platform improves your capability to offer, seamlessly, new services to your subscriber base without encumbrance. Telepin develops standardized and bespoke services as well as enabling third parties and in-house developers to do the same.

At the core of the platform resides Telepin’s Transaction Switch (TTS) providing a robust architecture demanded by the telecommunications and financial industries for the processing of electronic transactions. TTS establishes the core of our architecture allowing a robust foundation to host several Telepin and third-party applications.

Throughout, mobile operators are given the ability to set discount rates, create exclusive product offerings, and mask products from certain agents or retailers. While the return on investment for implementing such a platform with its full feature-set is easy to see, additional customizable modules and services can be integrated such as gift and loyalty programs, P2P transfers, and bill payments to name a few.

Telepin’s eTopUp and mPayment applications can be deployed and integrated over the existing POS, ATM and/or Public Cash and Payment Machines (PCPM) networks and gives operators unparalleled access to deliver products and services to thousands of installed POS terminals.

Telepin, with its full feature-set modules, empowers mobile operators around the world the ability to deliver more financially related services to their customer base than ever before.

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