Telepin provides you with the sustainable growth infrastructure solutions that will take your company to an exciting new level of innovation and profitability.

We offer you a rich variety of profit generating recharge, mobile financial, and mobile marketing products tied with business level solutions to help you make the critical decisions you need to guide your business. The Telepin platform lets you build new functionality and add new services to keep pace with the market demand, industry trends, and subscriber needs. Our solutions let you effectively meet your business requirements wherever the market goes.

Whether you are a leading operator or emerging growth mobile network operator Telepin Software solutions can be adapted to meet with your specific needs to optimize your revenues.

The Telepin Software product suite covers every aspect of the mobile transaction ecosystem; from mobile financials products, recharge products, business management solutions, and mobile marketing solutions.

Control Your Distribution Network—With higher revenue goals and shrinking margins understanding the underpinnings of your distribution is the key to your survival.

Maximize Revenue—Minimizing delay for end-users maximizes your opportunity to generate revenue.

Enable Innovative Transactions—The killer application platform that has arrived.

Our products have been deployed in and available to Mobile Network Operators, service providers and acquiring networks, and financial service providers.

We provide a flexible licensing model to suit your needs and capabilities. These models include:

  • Turn-key ownership licensed model
  • Turnkey ownership licensed model and Telepin operational model
  • Operational Model combined with Revenue Shared
  • Managed service Software as a service offer

Case Studies

Operator Solutions

Mobile Network Operators need to be competitive with daily market shifts requires informative business systems and solutions that will adapt with the ever changing market requirements. You need to keep your business functioning at peak revenues and performance, regardless of direction. You need to implement cutting-edge technology to provide you with the business intelligence guiding you to run your business, as well as a platform to run most innovative transaction services.

Count on Telepin Software Transaction Platform to stay flexible while leveraging your current investments. Telepin addresses the requirements of mobile transaction processing and establishes an environment to build innovative services. New transaction services plug right into its open architecture with no specialized build-outs required. You can roll out new products and services swiftly. Never disrupt existing infrastructure, and easily test-drive new applications without sweating the future. With Telepin, it is all under your control. All our mobile operator solutions are provided with 99.999% of reliability and fully scalable without the need for a fork-lift upgrades.

Service Provider Solutions

Our solutions are not only capable to deliver to the needs of a mobile network operator, but also equally capable deployed in a service provider. Whether you are an acquiring or issuing network, clearing house, or a traditional value added service provider looking to augment your traditional services with mobile financial products & services, Telepin can and has deployed end-to-end solutions that fit the requirements that allow you to continue to focus on your operational excellence.

Financial Solutions

Financial service providers are also looking to extend their traditional products and service offering to the mobile domain. Our Telepin Transaction Platform has been deployed with a variety of financial interfaces, such as ISO-8583, BASE24, and web-services, ensuring that you receive a solution that satisfies your requirements for compliance and security.

Historical events have precipitated a change in the way governments and industry regulators treat money laundering and suspicious financial activity. Financial institutions are the primary target for tightening requirements to deter such criminal activities. Organizations who fail to meet these compliance requirements are facing tough penalties including hefty fines, and cease and desist orders. Telepin ensure we follow the regulatory framework and requirements needed to ensure you are provided with the tools to comply to KYC and AML regulatory requirements.

Managed Solution

To remain competitive in mobile transactions and depending on your growth and expected traffic projections you may want to entertain a pay per use model by utilizing our system from our secure hosted solution. Our platform is run by our operations group in a secure hosted environment utilizing with redundant power, connectivity, and adequate scalability.

All of our best in class features and modules are available to you on-demand as you require, and are customized and localized per your specification. When you are ready visit a system for ownership we will transition your particular configuration into your network for you to own.

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